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Therapy Session

Western Australian Workers’ Mental Health: Insights based on Data from an Employee Assistance Program

Services Provider

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Client: PeopleSense by Altius

The Future of Work Institute (FOWI) partnered with PeopleSense, an employee assistance program (EAP) services provider, to analyse their large dataset of anonymous responses from clients regarding mental health issues. This collaboration marked the first time that PeopleSense’s EAP database had been analysed for scientific purposes.

Through rigorous statistical analyses, FOWI researchers generated several interesting findings and patterns.


Highlights of the findings include:

  • Mean and deviation levels on stress, depression, and anxiety; quantified impact of mental health on personal life and work performance;

  • Gender differences on mental health and its impact on work and life; associations between mental health and demographics such as marital status and;

  • Identification of the most common presenting work- and personal- related problems such as relationship or family difficulties, interpersonal conflict with managers or peers and workload.


FOWI also provided feedback and suggestions on how to improve the design of PeopleSense’s client surveys and questionnaires to more effectively capture data on mental health issues.

Psychology Session

Industry outcomes

The generation of useful data insights allowed PeopleSense to:

Present more evidence-based patterns and findings to their stakeholders.


Customise their EAP programs and treatments to provide better services to their clients.

Research Project Lead

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Yukun Liu

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