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What is the 4-Dimensional Workplace?

FOWI is creating a new facility to understand how remote and autonomous operations are transforming work for everyone.

The Future of Work Institute engages with all sectors of the economy to improve work and support innovation.


Partnerships are central to our overall
mission and daily operations. Current partners include
large employers in health, energy and technology,
small businesses and emerging start-ups across a
variety of sectors.

We provide opportunities for engagement and
partnership at all points of the impact cycle.

Challenge framing: involves opportunities for
discussion and planning to identify important
future issues and establish the institute’s priority

Collaborative projects: the engine room where
applied research is conducted across multiple

• Application and dissemination: the production of
practical resources including online tools, training
programs and policy guidelines.

• Evaluation: involves assessing effectiveness and
building an evidence base for effective practices.

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