Helping individuals and organisations thrive in a digital age

We are a research institute based at Curtin University,

dedicated to creating new ways of organising work and optimising human capability in the workplace.

We collaborate with researchers, industry and government to improve work and support innovation.

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of future work

Six programs shape research and practice at the Future of Work Institute.

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Workers of Perth

Workers from an eclectic range of professions in Perth share their stories about the good and bad work they've experienced, lessons they have learned, and tricks they've picked up along the way.

Evidence-based principles

to design meaningful and productive work

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The SMART work design model identifies five key themes that result in positive outcomes across jobs and industries.

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Thrive at Work is a world-first well-being initiative centred on designing work that helps employees, organisations and industry to thrive.

The LEAD safety program prepares leaders at all levels to drive safety innovations that support the whole business.

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We can help plan a project that brings the latest thinking about change in the workplace — to your company, department or organisation.

Professor Mark Griffin

Director, Future of Work Institute