Florian Klonek

Florian Klonek-24.jpg

Florian studied Psychology and Computer Sciences at the Free University Berlin and the University of Sydney. During his studies, he worked at the faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Berlin, in a neuroscience project of the German Research Foundation and later for the Design Thinking Research Program at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Potsdam.


In 2010, Florian completed his studies and started working as a research associate for the Department of Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology at TU Braunschweig, Germany. In April 2016, he finished his PhD in which he investigated a socio-interactional intervention (i.e., motivational interviewing) within a large university change management project.


In his research, Florian bridges methodological approaches from different disciplines including psycholinguistics, change management, and computer science to better understand interactional dynamics in a variety of organizational and social settings. His research interests include team dynamics, leader-follower interactions, training transfer, and effective career guidance. He has a passion for using systematic observational instruments to shed light on the temporal dynamics of social behavior. Most recently, he has investigated dynamic sequential patterns of teams within a series of industry project team meetings.


Florian has also provided training and conducted research in motivational interviewing - an intervention to increase intrinsic motivation and foster behavior change.