Jake Bahri

Jake Bahri9.jpg

Jake is a member of the Collaboratory team and oversees industry consulting projects in addition to assisting with the overall impact of the Centre for Transformative Work Design.


He comes from a consulting background, having spent three years working for an industry leader in assessment for selection and development. During this time, he partnered with countless organisations to provide assessment services, helping clients to make more informed decisions about their personnel. In addition, he worked on numerous organisational development and culture projects, ran assessment centres both nationally and internationally and carried out 180/360 feedback and coaching from frontline to executive levels. Jake also has a keen interest in giving back to the profession, acting as a field supervisor for over 12 students and creating a national placement program, focused on creating meaningful learning opportunities. 

As a registered Psychologist (Organisational), an application of the scientist practitioner model and a desire to bring about positive change at the individual and broader organisational level is at the heart of his work approach.