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Abstract Architecture

Key Framework and Tools

Translating our research into easy-to-understand models to apply in the real world.

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Thrive at Work

Thrive at Work is a ground-breaking well-being initiative centred on designing work that helps employees, organisations and industry to thrive. This initiative provides a range of resources:

  • Quality-of-work assessment tools

  • Work redesign and future-work planning tools

  • Educational and training resources

  • Masterclass series


LEAD Safety Program

The LEAD safety program prepares leaders at all levels to drive safety innovations that support the whole business. An integrated view of safety supports the overall culture of an organisation to align safety, performance, innovation, and health.


The LEAD safety program includes individual, team, and organisational assessments and feedback. A tailored set of activities provide face-to-face and online learning opportunities.

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SMART Work Design

The SMART work design model, developed by ARC Laureate Fellow Sharon Parker is a framework that can be used when designing meaningful and motivating work. Based on decades of research, the SMART work design model identifies five key themes that result in positive outcomes across jobs and industries.

Mature Workers in Organisations

We’re aiming to help age-diverse workplaces to grow and thrive. We partner with organisations to conduct new research into the mature workforce.


The project aims to help organisations develop age-friendly policies and practices that benefit mature workers as individuals, employees, team members, and carers outside of work.

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