Thursday Research Series

at the Future of Work Institute
Time: 1-2pm (or 3pm)

Connect, Share, and Learn


The series provides:

  1. opportunities for non-FOWI members to engage with FOWI activities

  2. professional development for FOWI academics, professional staff and students

  3. opportunities for other academics (outside of FOWI) to promote their research interests to FOWI to stimulate collaboration

Typical activities

  1. Curtin Research Seminar: Presentations from members of the School of Management (or from faculty from other Schools in Curtin)

  2. Academic Visitors’ Research Seminar: Presentations from academic visitors

  3. Visitors’ Seminar: Presentations from people we invite who are not necessarily academics

  4. Professional Development or Research Methods Workshops: Workshops for academics and PhD students to develop research methods skills. (2 hours)

  5. Professional Practice Development Workshops: Workshops for academics, professional staff, PhD students to develop skills in research translation, impact, and engagement (2 hours)

Other suggestions for activity formats are always welcome!!

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What can I do if I’d like to run a session or invite somebody to run a session?


If you would like to run a session or suggest a session (e.g., if you have a visitor), please get in touch with the Thursday FOWI Series Coordinators (see below), who will arrange a date. The sooner you approach the Coordinator, the more likely your time slot will be available. 


Upcoming sessions

Past Seminars

All sessions marked 🎬 were recorded.

Find us

Future of Work Institute

​78 Murray st, Perth

The room will depend on the nature of the activity.  It would be best to run any event that is open to a larger group in a publicly accessible lecture room such as one of the lecture rooms on Level 2.  Workshops could be delivered in the Level 3 computer lab if software is required.  Smaller events can be hosted on Level 4.

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