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Will robots steal my job?

A Curtin University Research Rumble talk

What will your job look like 10 years from now? Cut through the media hype and discover how robots and automation are really transforming the workplace.

Thriving in the digital age

The Future of Work Institute (FoWI) helps people and organisations thrive in the digital age. We conduct leading-edge research and translate and disseminate our research through collaborative projects and impact activities.

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Thrive at Work is a world-first well-being initiative centred on designing work that helps employees, organisations and industry to thrive.

Led by the Future of Work Institute, Thrive at Work has been developed with leading mental health bodies – for and with, businesses.

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The SMART work design model was developed by Australian Research Council Professor Sharon Parker at the Future of Work Institute.


The framework can be used when designing meaningful and motivating work, identifying five key themes that result in positive outcomes across jobs and industries. The themes for SMART work are:StimulatingMasteryAgencyRelational, and Tolerable Demands.


Through leading-edge research and its dissemination, the institute will implement the six thematic programs.

These programs will shape the research and practice of the Institute.

The programs intersect with each in multiple ways and all contribute to the overall theme of thriving in a digital age.