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Curtin Credential:
Motivation at Work

Motivate your workplace post-pandemic using the latest theories, strategies and tools.

Find smarter ways to work, grow and thrive


​At the Future of Work Institute (FOWI), here at Curtin University, we’re equipping Australian employers and employees to evolve and thrive in the ever-changing, technology-driven innovation age.

From the private to the public sector. From training and technology solutions to systems and policies. From recruitment, work design and performance to leadership, safety and mental health and wellbeing. Our collaborations transform capability, capacity and the bottom line.

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Our Research in Practice

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Thrive at Work is a world-first wellbeing initiative developed in partnership with leading mental health bodies and businesses. Together, we’ll design work that helps your employees and organisation thrive.

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Developed by ARC Laureate Fellow Sharon Parker, SMART is a model for designing meaningful, motivating work that delivers positive outcomes by focusing on five key criteria: Stimulating, Mastery, Agency, Relational, and Tolerable Demands.


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