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FOWI at TEDx Perth on 7 September

Did you know that TEDxPerth is one of the world's largest TEDx events?

TEDxPerth 2019 is an action-packed day, with 16 powerful talks, performances, speaker Q&As, short films and interactive activations. Showcasing ideas and stories from Western Australia’s brightest minds, TEDxPerth takes you on an adventure to think bigger, to connect with like minds and to reach for new solutions.

A team from FOWI will be there on the day to help curious attendees find out how they can improve their work so it's more engaging and meaningful. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about our SMART work design model and take the SMART survey to find out how SMART their work is and what they can do to improve your work design.

Our friendly team will help attendees navigate through our SMART work design model


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