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Optimising crew endurance and performance on future maritime vessels

FOWI Work Systems Design team

Future of Work Institute (FOWI) researchers have been awarded a three-year grant worth $1,404,352 from Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) for a project entitled ‘Optimising crew endurance and performance: Mitigating transitional work systems design risks for a future maritime platform’.

The project is led by Professor of Practice, Associate Professor Karina Jorritsma; Chief Investigators, Professor Mark Griffin and Professor Sharon Parker; and the FOWI Work Systems Design team including Katrina Hosszu, Belinda Cham, Alexandra Boeing and Michael Wilson.

The grant, classified as category 2 funding, is the fifth in a series of DSTG contracts for Karina and the team. Since 2016, they have been working closely with DSTG and the Royal Australian Navy to optimise work systems for future maritime platforms. The team has undertaken various multidisciplinary activities spanning bio-mathematical modelling, field studies during operational activities, and sociotechnical redesign of the work systems. Their work has generated significant impact and visibility, informing human endurance and future design decisions.

This next phase of work will involve collaborating closely with major Government and contractor stakeholders to validate and mature the design concept and address workforce transition challenges.


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