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Leading volunteers young and old: Research study

Leading volunteers is tough!

Why? Well, volunteers are not paid and they do not have a contract. There are also plenty of volunteering opportunities elsewhere.

It is pretty easy for volunteer to leave. And many of those who leave blame leadership.

Darja Kragt, who is a FOWI associate, and part of our volunteering research team* has created a video that explains what leadership behaviors are effective in leading young and older volunteers.

Understanding and mastering these behaviors will help you to become a more effective workplace leader as well.

*This research is based off of our current volunteering research, with a research team consisting of Patrick Dunlop, Marylene Gagne , Djurre Holtrop, and Hawa Muhammad Farid from the Future of Work Institute, and Darja Kragt and Alex Luksyte from The University of Western Australia.


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