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Highlights from the BCEC | FoWI Future of Work Workshop 2020

Climate change and future of work were the key themes of the second Future of Work Workshop, organised by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) and the Future of Work Institute (FOWI).

The two-day workshop featured presentations by leading industry representatives and researchers to answer key questions surrounding the future of jobs: where the future of work is, and could be heading.

ARC Laureate and the Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design Professor Sharon Parker kicked-off the workshop with an opening address on the "Future of Work: A Multilevel perspective".

Professor Parker highlights the tragic outcomes caused by poor work design; the multiple airplane accidents caused by Boeing 737 Max aircrafts being a perfect example.

“Positive work of the future should have the aims of synergising employee wellbeing with organisational safety & productivity,” Professor Parker asserts.

FOWI researchers Professor Marylene Gagne and Dr Zitong Sheng presented on the quality of the jobs. Current workplace trends such as employee engagement and job security were discussed in this particular session.

Associate Professor Thomas O’Neill (University of Calgary) presented a keynote speech on his topic "Developments in High Performance Teamwork, Multiple Team Systems, and Human-Autonomy Teaming".

The second day of the workshop presented attendees with more thought-provoking sessions on employment barriers, robots and human capital.

Our Visiting Research Fellow at FOWI Dr Xavier Parent-Rocheleau presented his fascinating research on the effects of computer algorithms on humans, and their jobs.

The "Climate Change and Future of Work in Australia" policy symposium featured four experts and their thought leadership on the looming threat of climate change and how it impacts the way that Australians work.

The panelists came from a range of different disciplines: Professor John Hewson, ANU Crawford School & BCEC Fellow; Professor Sharon Parker, Director, Centre for Transformative Work Design, Future of Work Institute; Louise Giolitto, CEO, WACOSS and Astghik Mavisakalyan, BCEC Principle Research Fellow.

We hoped the workshop provided valuable insights on the future of work and inspired policy reforms to accommodate the changing nature of work.

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