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Highlights from FOWI researchers at SIOP 2024

Professor Patrick Dunlop and John Curtin Distinguished Marylene Gagne showcasing their poster presentation, 'Improving Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers with Personality Targeted Messaging'

This year, some of our team flew to Chicago, Illinois to attend the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)'s 39th Annual Conference: John Curtin Distinguished Marylene Gagne, Professor Patrick Dunlop, together with our PhD students Dan Agate and Shannon Rowley.

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Conference has always been the 'premier event' within industrial-organizational psychology to share our research and insights to the international academic community. SIOP is a professional organization that promotes the science and practice of Industrial Psychology (IO), a field of psychology that focuses on improving the well-being and performance of employees and employers.

During the conference, we were also honoured to have Professor Patrick Dunlop recognised as a recipient of the Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award for this co-authorship of the paper 'Personality and intelligence: A meta-analysis', published in the Psychological Bulletin.

This annual award, honouring Frank L. Schmidt and John E. Hunter, is given to a member of SIOP or team (with at least one member who is a SIOP member) whose work or research has been shown to advance industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology as documented in published research in which meta-analysis is used.

Let's delve into each of the presentation in detail:

Improving recruitment and retention of volunteers with personality targeted messaging

Volunteer recruitment and retention pose significant challenges for many organizations. The poster presentation "Improving Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers With Personality Targeted Messaging" by Patrick Dunlop, D. Holtrop, Marylene Gagné, J.L. Cordery, and C. Soo, offered innovative solutions.

Their research involved designing recruitment messages targeting specific personality traits linked to lower turnover rates. Despite the mixed results, their work underscored the potential of personality-targeted messaging in attracting and retaining volunteers better suited to the roles.

Professor Patrick Dunlop presenting as part of the 'Optimizing Candidate Experience: Design Features of Asynchronous Video Interviews' symposium.

Optimizing candidate experience: Design features of Asynchronous Video Interviews

The symposium "Optimizing Candidate Experience: Design Features of Asynchronous Video Interviews," chaired by D. M. Powell, featured Patrick Dunlop and Marylene Gagné, who provided valuable contributions to the burgeoning field of asynchronous video interviews (AVIs).

Professor Patrick Dunlop's presentation, "I’ll Be Watching You: The Impact of Identifying an Asynchronous Video Interview Evaluator’s Identity on Applicants’ Reactions and Performance," co-authored with H. I. Moore, D. Holtrop, and Marylene Gagné, explored how revealing the evaluator's identity affects applicant reactions and performance. Their findings provide critical insights for organizations seeking to improve fairness perceptions and motivation during the selection process.

Innovative Research Unpacking Within and Between Team Dynamics

This symposium showcases new research using complex qualitative and quantitative methods to better understand the emergence of collective self-efficacy and motivation, the deconstruction of personality composition within teams and its influence on team processes, the role of conflict management in multiteam systems, and the role of trust and planning in enhancing the effectiveness of fluid innovation teams.

The session was chaired by John Curtin Distinguished Marylene Gagne and consisted of five presentations. Among them was our PhD student Dan Agate's presentation on 'Exploring multilevel motivation convergence in teams: A self-determination theory approach'.

Revisiting the shift: I-O psychologists in business schools

In the panel discussion, Shannon Rowley and her colleagues (A. Y. Delacruz, M. W. Dickson, and T. A. Chawota) explored the shift of the IO psychology faculty to business schools and its impact on doctoral students. Their discussion aimed to foster a solution-oriented approach to ensure the continued vitality and relevance of I-O psychology programs.

The SIOP 2024 conference was an engaging trip for our researchers, where they had the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and engage in scientific discussions with fellow scientists in the field, enriching their understanding and perspectives.

They leave energised and motivated to implement their ideas and eager to come back to next year's conference for more!


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