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The Ageing Workforce

Maximising the Productivity, Health
and Well-Being of Mature Workers

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About the Project

We can't ignore that the workforce is ageing. With increasing life expectancy and changing welfare policies, many mature workers will have both the capacity and demand to work until until they are older. The health of our nation will be served through creating work that preserves the wellbeing and social, psychological, and mental capital of older workers. Our reserach, part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), addresses these crucial challenges of work and ageing.

Key Research Goals

The aim of this research is to identify work designs and practices to attract and retain mature workers, thus enhancing their performance and wellbeing, and improving productivity within organisations and society more broadly. Specifically, there are three research questions addressed:

1. What are the factors that promote successful ageing in the workplace?
2. How can we promote successful teams, organisations, and societies by facilitating mature workforce participation?
3. How can organisations facilitate the optimal balancing of work and care responsibilities for mature employees?

The outcomes of this research will inform best practice, organisational policies and implementation to enable older workers to participate longer in paid work while balancing this with their external care demands.

Project Leaders

Sharon Parker-04.jpg

Sharon Parker

Daniela Andrei-09.jpg

Daniela Andrei

Gigi Petery__Web.jpg

Gigi Petery

Research team also includes Gina Chatelier, Jane Chong, Professor John Cordery and Christine Soo.

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