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We shared our thoughts and insights in this selection of radio interviews, podcasts and audio files about a range of work-related topics.

Remote Team Meeting

Work Design in the Hard Reality of Remote Work

In this episode, Sharon discussed:

  • How to design work to maximize efficiency?

  • How to use work design to shape the reality of our employees in remote and hybrid environments?

  • How to manage social support in remote environment?

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg

Productivity and innovation in the future

If Australia is to position itself to deal with new ways of working and living, we need to be able to say with some degree of certainty what the future might hold.

At a special symposium to mark its 50th anniversary, the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia asked four guests to look ahead.

The topics range from how the labour market is changing and needs to change; why dealing with gender relations is central to future productivity; how innovation & technology might literally drive our future; and what does the future of work even look like... 

Featuring  Prof Mark Griffin

Team Meeting

How to use SMART Work Design to help your team thrive in the Future of Work

In this episode, Sharon discussed:

  • The ‘future of work’ – how digitisation and automation are impacting on jobs and skills of the future.

  • The responsibility managers have to use technology as a force for good and not evil.

  • The concept of ‘work design’ and the ‘SMART’ work design framework that Sharon has developed.

  • What managers can do to become better remote managers.

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg
Working from Home

Redesigning Post-Pandemic Work Life

Sharon Parker is the Director of the Center for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University, and creator of the SMART work design model that can help companies redesign post-pandemic working routines.

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg
Construction Workers

Do we truly value experienced workers in Australia?

Jess Strutt explores the challenges and motivations for mature workers.

Featuring  Dr Daniela Andrei

Daniela Andrei-09.jpg

The rise of insecure work

Confident Woman

In this episode of This Working Life, we’re delving into the rise in insecure work – how it’s grown, the impact it’s had on us and what we can do about it.

Most of us are well aware of the negative effect of this kind of work on our health, but perhaps the most surprising impact is on our personality. Professor Sharon Parker is an expert in employee growth and development from Curtin University. She's part of a research team who studied the link between this kind of work and changes in our personalities by tracking over a thousand Australians for more than a decade.

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg

Remote Management in the Covid Era

Video Conference

Sharon Parker is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Curtin University, Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, and an Honorary Professor at the University of Sheffield.


We discuss remote work in the covid era. 

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg
Image by Curtis Reese

Surfacing the social factors early: A sociotechnical approach to the design of a future submarine

Alex talks about her co-authored paper on the nature of crew endurance within potential future submarine designs, which was published in the AJM Special Issue on the Future of Work.

Featuring  Alex Boeing

Alex Boeing-29.jpg

The Future of: Work

Modern Work Space

With COVID-19 stalling the global economy, what does this mean for jobs? Researchers Sharon Parker and Rebecca Cassells discuss the impact of the pandemic on the Australian economy and how it may reshape the future of business and the workplace. 

In particular, Professor Sharon Parker explores how the ‘working from home’ phenomenon has helped bolster Australia’s economy and how people can work most effectively from home to support their mental health. 

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg

Working From Home:

Blessing or a Curse?

Working from Home

Pyjamas, commuting from bed to your desk just minutes after waking up, no boss looking over your shoulde­r–working from home sounds like a dream. But what about the pressures from family, bad technology, and lack of support from colleagues?

Professor Sharon Parker discusses the Australian workforce’s adjustment to isolated work. Listen to her and host Ginger Gorman as they theorise about the future of the Australian workforce.

Featuring  Prof Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker-04.jpg
Call Center

Jobs Fit for a Human

Chris Lloyd speaks with Dr Marylene Gagne and Dr Patrick Dunlop from the Future of Work Institute in Perth, Western Australia to understand the challenges associated with future job design and to explore the purpose of Thrive at Work.

Featuring  Dr Marylene Gagne and Dr Patrick Dunlop

Marylene Gagne_814_Large.jpg
Pat Dunlop_135_Web.jpg

Virtual Team Research

Group of people with VR Headset

Employees working in ‘virtual teams’ can overcome performance difficulties to work effectively if they have positive feedback, social support and job autonomy in their tasks and jobs, new research involving Curtin University has found.


The research, published in the annual review of the journal Small Group Research, investigated the mutual impact of virtual teamwork, which includes using virtual tools such as email or video conferencing from different countries and locations, and work design on the functioning of teams.


Curtin Future Of Work Institute Centre for Transformative Work Design researcher Dr Florian Klonek joined RTRFM to discuss the report.

Featuring  Dr Florian Klonek

Florian Klonek-24.jpg

Mature Workforce

Senior Therapy

Listen to the Curtin staff member interview featured on the station on 9 September 2019.

Featuring  Dr Daniela Andrei

Daniela Andrei-09.jpg

Jobs for Humans


Digital disruption, AI, automation and changing views about work-life balance are going to transform our workplaces. A Deloitte Access Economics report forecasts that four out of five jobs created between now and 2030 will be for ‘knowledge workers’.


In this episode, Jess and David are joined by Professor Mark Griffin, Director of the Future of Work Institute at Curtin University, to discuss how our workplaces are going to change.

Featuring  Prof Mark Griffin


Bad Managers?

Young Businesswomen

Curtin University research fellow Dr Caroline Knight has just published some research on the impact managers can make on their employees through work design.
Research indicates that up to 50% of American workers have changed jobs due to bad managers, with suspicions that the figure of similar instances in Australia cannot be far off.
Dr Caroline Knight joined RTRFM to discuss this issue.

Featuring  Dr Caroline Knight

Caroline Knight-11.jpg
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