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BGC Wellness

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A couple of years ago, staff from the Future of Work Institute began working with of Australia’s top ten private companies BGC. BGC is a family-owned West Australian group of companies, with interests in construction, manufacturing of building products, mining, industrial maintenance, heavy road haulage and property management. The Institute is working in partnership with BGC’s leadership team to provide a fresh perspective on employee wellness. Specifically to ensure BGC’s safety and health initiatives are focussed on both

mental and physical health and the initiatives are able to be evaluated.

Construction Project

Our Mission

In collaboration with BGC Contracting, the research revealed a link between their employees’ wellness and organisational performance. One finding that was particularly striking was that work environment factors - such as role clarity, job demands, job security, and co-worker support were the most significant contributors to employee wellbeing; much more so than any personal or demographic factors (e.g. family support).

Our Impact

From a return on investment and effort perspective, BGC were able to demonstrate that initiatives they had implemented based on our research scored higher on wellness metrics were also the most successful projects in terms of profitability, performance, and safety. A real opportunity to directly intervene by addressing work-related causes of stress specific to their organisation.


Shaping the future of wellness at BGC Contracting

BGC plans to continue implementing initiatives based on its wellness strategy in order to meet their goal of reducing the overall health risks of their employees by 10%. The company will continue to measure the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees in order to monitor and track progress.  BGC intends to implement the Institute’s Thrive at Work initiative across other sites, based on feedback regarding its success, and to develop more targeted interventions. This will allow the company to continue to create a thriving workforce.

Project Leads

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Mark Griffin

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Daniela Andrei

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