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The FOWI Academy is an informal program of learning, designed for Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

within the domains of Management, Organisational Psychology and Organisational Behaviour.

Although people from other disciplines and all career stages are welcome to join at any stage!

Interactive Learning

The Academy offers a development on a range of topics, including:


How to craft your academic career.



How to 'speak to' industry and governments to attract demand-driven research investment.


The latest research methods in the field, and how to use them.


Upcoming sessions
TBA 2022


Past sessions

Karina Jorritsma-34.jpg

Building industry demand for your research

Thu 22 Oct, 1-3pm

By A/Prof Karina Jorritsma

Coming soon
Pat Dunlop_135_Web.jpg

Using DAGs to aid causal inference in field research

Thu 30 July, 1-3pm

By A/Prof Patrick Dunlop and Stijn Masschelein

John Phillimore_105_Web.jpg

Politics and Public Policy in Australia

Thu 14 May, 1-3pm

By Professor John Phillimore

Michael Wilson_401_Web.jpg

Learn to love wrangling your data:

A pragmatic introduction to R

Thu 2 July, 1-3pm

By Dr Michael Wilson

Yukun Liu-08.jpg

Longitudinal Modelling in Organizational Research: A Tutorial of Two Analytical Approaches

Thu 27 Aug, 1-3pm

By Dr Yukun Liu

caroline and zitong.png

Introducing meta-analysis and meta-SEM: What can these techniques do and how can we use them?

Thu 4 June, 1-3pm

By Dr Caroline Knight and Zitong Sheng

MK Ward-31-headshot.jpg

Practice your Pitching

Thu 24 Sept, 1-3pm

By Dr MK Ward

Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can attend the FOWI Academy sessions?

Any staff or student at Curtin University is welcome to attend any FOWI Academy session they like. Please bear in mind that the Academy was created to meet the needs of early career researchers (i.e., HDR students and junior academics) within the disciplines of Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Organisational Psychology. This may mean that some of the content or examples may not be relevant to people from other disciplines. We do not wish to discourage people from attending, but just want to be careful to manage expectations

When are the FOWI Academy sessions scheduled?

Please refer to the schedule above, and available on the Future of Work Institute website. Occasionally, the FOWI Academy may host an ‘extraordinary’ session if, for example, a visiting academic or practitioner is available and willing to deliver a workshop.

Where are the FOWI Academy sessions delivered?

The sessions will be held on the 4th floor of 78 Murray Street, Perth, however, if the space becomes tight, we may relocate them to one of the lecture rooms on Level 2 of the same building. We will try to notify you of any venue changes, and signs will be posted on the day.

What types of sessions are there?

The FOWI Academy program was constructed after asking ECRs from the Future of Work Institute to tell us what they would like to learn about. The three broad themes that were identified were: contemporary research methods, how to work better with industry and government, and life/career as an academic. Most sessions will focus on topics within these three themes. Presenters will be asked to limit their sessions to 1 hour and 45 minutes, and to try to make the sessions interactive where possible.

Do I need to enrol in a session before attending?

If you have not been to a session before, it would be appreciated if you could notify the FOWI Academy Chair, (currently Patrick Dunlop patrick.dunlop@curtin.edu.au) of your intention to participate. That way, he can add you to the Teams channel and ensure the room is of sufficient size. Ultimately, we want to avoid an unexpected influx of people.

I am not available on Thursday afternoons! Will the sessions be recorded?

Our goal is to video record all sessions and upload them to Microsoft Stream and grant access to anyone who requests it. However, please bear in mind that the video recording technology we have access to is somewhat limited, and so we cannot guarantee that the presenters will be standing in the field of vision, or that the audio will be detected/recorded. Some of the sessions will include interactive components, and these activities will not translate well to video.

I am available on Thursday afternoons but can’t easily get to 78 Murray Street! Will the sessions be livestreamed?

It is too early to say at this stage, however, we are interested in experimenting with Microsoft Stream to ascertain whether it might be possible to livestream some sessions. If you are interested in being a ‘test case’, please let the Program Chair (currently Patrick Dunlop) know!

Do I need to do any preparation for the sessions?

In some cases, you will be asked to prepare something before you attend the session. This preparation might involve installing software (e.g., R Studio), reading an article, or jotting down some ideas that would connect the topic of the session to your own research interests. Presenters will be asked to make clear whether there is any homework or preparation. Please bear in mind that most presenters are participating in the FOWI Academy on a voluntary basis, so please respect their requests to complete the preparation activities. If you have not completed the preparation, the presenter will not be willing nor able to wait for you to catch up!

I would like to run a session of my own for the FOWI Academy – what do I do?

Please contact the FOWI Academy program chair (currently Patrick Dunlop, patrick.dunlop@curtin.edu.au) with details on what you like to present on and when you are available. Please bear in mind that the sessions are planned many months in advance, so it may not be possible to accommodate your request.

Contact us

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Future of Work Institute

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