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The FOWI Academy is an informal program of learning, designed for Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

within the domains of Management, Organisational Psychology and Organisational Behaviour.

Although people from other disciplines and all career stages are welcome to join at any stage!

Interactive Learning

The Academy offers a development on a range of topics, including:


How to craft your academic career.



How to 'speak to' industry and governments to attract demand-driven research investment.


The latest research methods in the field, and how to use them.


Upcoming sessions


Past sessions

From Data to Causes I: Cross-Lagged Panel Modeling in Mplus | FOWI Academy with Prof Mike Zyphur
From Data to Causes II: Cross-Lagged Panel Modeling in Mplus | FOWI Academy with Prof Mike Zyphur
From Complexity to Causes: EDM for Nonlinear Systems | FOWI Academy with Prof Mike Zyphur
Qualitative Research: A practical introduction into the art of getting lost - FOWI Academy
Qualitative Research, Part 2 - FOWI Academy Workshop
Qualtrics ProTips: Do more and do better with the survey platform - FOWI Academy
Pitching and promoting your research - FOWI Academy
An introduction to the what, why, and how of systematic reviewing - FOWI Academy
Karina Jorritsma-34.jpg

Building industry demand for your research

Thu 22 Oct, 1-3pm

By A/Prof Karina Jorritsma

Coming soon
Pat Dunlop_135_Web.jpg

Using DAGs to aid causal inference in field research

Thu 30 July, 1-3pm

By A/Prof Patrick Dunlop and Stijn Masschelein

John Phillimore_105_Web.jpg

Politics and Public Policy in Australia

Thu 14 May, 1-3pm

By Professor John Phillimore

Michael Wilson_401_Web.jpg

Learn to love wrangling your data:

A pragmatic introduction to R

Thu 2 July, 1-3pm

By Dr Michael Wilson

Yukun Liu-08.jpg

Longitudinal Modelling in Organizational Research: A Tutorial of Two Analytical Approaches

Thu 27 Aug, 1-3pm

By Dr Yukun Liu

caroline and zitong.png

Introducing meta-analysis and meta-SEM: What can these techniques do and how can we use them?

Thu 4 June, 1-3pm

By Dr Caroline Knight and Zitong Sheng

MK Ward-31-headshot.jpg

Practice your Pitching

Thu 24 Sept, 1-3pm

By Dr MK Ward

Coming soon

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