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About the Future of Work Institute

Discover how to work smarter, faster and healthier.

At the Future of Work Institute (FOWI), we’re equipping Australian organisations to evolve and flourish in the ever-changing, technology-driven innovation age. We’re leading the way to a brighter future of work.


Learning. Evolving. Performing. Thriving.

Our renowned research team at Curtin University brings a diverse range of academic and industry expertise to our partnerships with private and public-sector employers and employees.


Together with our partners, we conduct world-class research using innovative diagnostics tools and approaches, then apply it in the real world. Partner with us to be part of the transformation of work.


Transform work, performance and quality of life.

From training and technology to systems and policies. From recruitment, work design and wellbeing to leadership, safety and change management. The innovative, evidence-based solutions we develop change everything.


We’re talking about tailored solutions that will enable your employees and organisation to continually learn, grow and flourish; to embrace change and leverage technology; to seize opportunities and thrive in our complex, ever-changing, often-chaotic world.

We offer something different.

A partnership. An opportunity to tap into and apply world-class, evidence-based thinking across your organisation. A collaboration, with our team embedded in yours, conducting deep analysis and designing and delivering tailored solutions.

A sneak peak into how
we make a difference

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