The Future of Work Institute (FoWI) promotes productive and meaningful work as essential foundations of a healthy economy and society.

FoWI’s researchers focus on how people contribute to and benefit from new knowledge and practices, and their mission is to support thriving people and organisations in the digital age.

The Future of Work Institute acknowledges the Wadjuk Nyungar people as the traditional owners of the land on which the Institute is situated.

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Future of Work Institute

Curtin Graduate School of Business 

78 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000

Telephone: +61 8 9266 4668


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PhD Opportunities

Future of Work Institute (FOWI) PhD Top up Scholarship


The Future of Work Institute and the Centre for Transformative Work Design (part of FOWI) are looking to recruit high calibre PhD students who:

  • Have a background in organisational psychology/ organisational behaviour, or a closely related area such as cognitive, health or social psychology; and

  • Are residents in Perth WA, or will be prepared to move to Perth for the duration of their candidature;

"When I finished my Masters of IO, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do a PhD, or get out into the workplace to solve real problems.

One of the best aspects of doing a PhD at FOWI is that I can do both of these things at the same time. I receive great mentorship and guidance to develop my own research expertise, but I also get to conduct research that is impactful, multidisciplinary and collaborative.

For example, I’ve been involved in several industry and government collaborative projects. These opportunities have allowed me to apply my research skills in practical settings to solve real problems, and develop other skills through activities like industry presentations, running of workshops and research translation. This has made my PhD journey more meaningful, interesting and varied."

"The Centre for Transformative Work Design is a place where work design is researched, understood and practiced. You can hardly ask for a better environment in which to learn and conduct research."

Testimonials from current students

Thematic Research Programs

We are looking for PhD candidates interested in a project in one of the following four research programs

Work skills and motivation

Engaging people through changing organisational structures, intensive communication media and fluctuating demands. Professor Marylene Gagne and Associate Professor Patrick Dunlop jointly lead this program. Marylene and Patrick want to hear from potential PhD candidates interested in carrying out one of the following projects:

  • Newcomer socialisation: exploring the socialisation tactics today’s organisations use to ensure newcomers learn about their job and internalise organisational values and evaluating how effective tactics are in helping newcomers being engaged and committed. Various research methods will be used including interviews, longitudinal organisational surveys and experimental studies. 

  • Incentives and compensation: exploring how different forms of compensation influence employee motivation, performance and well-being using experimental and field organisational research methods.

  • Developing team motivation: using experimental and field longitudinal research methods, this research program involves looking at structural and process factors that influence the development of team motivation, considering the composition of individual members’ initial motivations.

  • The future of personnel recruitment and selection: exploring how to improve recruitment practice to better target people who will meet the demands of a role and be satisfied by it; understanding the implications of employing gamification principles to applicant assessments; the effects of repeated testing on personality assessments due to the rise of ‘test-wise’ applicants.

In addition to the above projects, we have obtained specific funding for domestic students to undertake the following two projects:

Human System Integration

How do people work with technology and automation in complex and uncertain environments? Example projects involve studies of action teams in defence, emergency response and other high-risk environments. Professor Mark Griffin is seeking candidates with an interest in teamwork, human performance and the integration of human factors, organisational psychology and organisational behaviour domains.


Data analytics and decision making

How do integrated data systems support decision making? Projects in this area involve a variety of organisational challenges involving the integration of data across levels of analysis and spans of time. Example projects include the integration of sleep, fatigue, work load and wellbeing measures and the integration of organisational performance measures with indicators of individual health, safety and wellbeing. Professor Mark Griffin is seeking candidates with an interest in mathematical modelling, data integration and other aspects of data science that intersect with human behaviour.


Organisations and the mature workforce

This research program is part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Population Ageing. Led by Australian Research Council Laureate Professor Sharon Parker, Director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design, the aim of this research is to identify work designs and practices to attract and retain mature workers in organisations, thus enhancing their performance and well-being and improving productivity within organisations and society more broadly.

What we offer you?​

  • An attractive package covering fees and a generous living allowance

  • A support package which includes a laptop, travel allowance and project costs allowance

  • A rich and dynamic work environment where you will work alongside world leading academics and highly motivated researchers and PhD students on projects of international significance

  • Outstanding opportunities to engage with industry and make a real difference to people’s lives

  • Weekly development workshops

  • A dynamic city based location

  • A fantastic lifestyle - Perth is one of the most liveable cities in the world

Eligibility criteria

You must be eligible to enrol into a PhD at Curtin University on a full time basis.

What do I do next?


Please make contact with your potential FOWI supervisor. Their contact details are:

Professor Mark Griffin


T: +61 8 9266 2279

Dr Patrick Dunlop


T: +61 8 9266 4824

Professor Marylene Gagne


T: +61 8 9266 4825