PhD Opportunities

Cognitive Modelling Human Factors Issues in Future Work

Help apply quantitative models and methods to better understand how people interact with automated systems.

Applications close 30 August

Remuneration Practices that Motivate Employees

Help address how to better design remuneration and incentive systems to promote optimal employee motivation, performance and well-being.

Applications close 30 August

Supporting the attraction, retention and engagement of mature workers in organisations

Contribute to a better understanding of how organisations can effectively manage and support an ageing and age diverse workforce.

Applications close 30 August

The Future of Recruitment and Selection: The Job Candidate Experience

Help build better technology-driven recruitment and selection tools that will optimise the candidate experience.

Applications close 30 August

Work Design of the Future

Help create good work where humans can perform optimally while enhancing their well-being.

Applications close 30 August