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Due to issues and concerns related to COVID-19,

this workshop is postponed until further notice.

Compensation of the Future

Day for HR & Compensation Professionals

Perth, Western Australia

29-30 April 2020 (Research Focus)

1 May 2020 (Industry Focus)

Developing financial incentive strategies

that deliver high performance.

Industry Day

For HR & Compensation Professionals

01 May 2020

Who Should Attend:


HR and other professionals involved in strategic compensation interested in getting the most out of their financial incentives strategies.

In this workshop, you will:


  1. Raise issues you have had with financial incentives strategies
    When you register for the workshop, we will ask you to tell us what you would like to discuss during the workshop.

  2. Learn about the latest trends on financial incentive strategies
    A panel of experts will discuss the latest research on effective financial incentives.

  3. Jointly work to develop solutions to put in practice in your organisation
    Participants will present and discuss issues and questions they have about the design of incentives and compensation systems with a select group of compensation researchers coming from Australia, American, Europe and Asia countries who have conducted research on the topic. Participants and researchers will develop joint solutions for these issues and questions.

  4. Network with fellow professionals who share an interest in the use of financial incentives
    There will be many opportunities to more informally network with fellow participants (both practitioners and researchers) and explore visual displays on the latest ideas and research findings about the effective use of financial incentives.

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