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BGC Contracting partner with FOWI to continue successful research partnership

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

by Daniela Andrei

BGC Contracting partner with FOWI to continue successful research into the effectiveness of organizational strategies to improve employee health, wellbeing and safety

For more that 3 years BGC Contracting has been collaborating with a team of researchers at FOWI to develop a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to a thriving workplace and to identify ways in which wellbeing and safety could be further supported internally.

“BGC Contracting approach wellbeing and safety in a positive and integrated way. They have adopted novel strategies having real impact across the whole organisation,” said Professor Mark Griffin.

As part of this partnership, researchers at FOWI had the opportunity to provide input and support to BGC Contracting in its journey to implement an innovative Health and Safety Strategy that focuses equally on employee safety and wellbeing. Furthermore, BGC contracting staff and the research team led by Dr. Daniela Andrei and Prof. Mark Griffin have collaborated to develop measures to map not only current levels of employee wellbeing and compare them with existing national and international benchmarks, but also inform on the personal and organizational factors that contribute to employee wellbeing. Results of this research has provided insights into various aspects of the workplace that could be addressed to improve employee wellbeing and contribute to a thriving workplace.

In this new phase of our joint research, we will focus on further refining the measurements by expanding the organizational factors investigated to maximize possible areas of organizational intervention. We will survey new projects while at the same time colleting repeated measurements from projects that have already participated in earlier phases, with a focus on understanding trends, refine our understanding of the effects of workplace factors as well as understanding the effects of different initiatives that have been implemented.

We are so excited to see this collaboration continuing and expanding, and we hope that more companies follow in BGC Contracting’s footsteps of proactively addressing safety and wellbeing by focusing on the work conditions that contribute to these important organizational outcomes.

Find out more about how you can collaborate with the Future of Work Institute:

Daniela Andrei, Research Fellow

Mark Griffin, Director of the Future of Work Institute


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