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Introduction to CEPAR workshop

Representatives from organisations with an interest in the strategic necessity and competitive advantages associated with employing mature workers joined the CEPAR team for an afternoon tea workshop in Perth on 11 April 2019.

The workshop was an opportunity for attendees to hear about our new research strategy and meet the extended research team, including Chief Investigators Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Professor Sharon K. Parker from Curtin University  and Professor of Gender and Employment Relations, Dr Marian Baird, from the University of Sydney.

Prof Marian Baird and Prof Sharon Parker

The CEPAR team was joined by representatives from industry and government organisations including WA Police, Department of Health Services, and GHD.

Dr Daniela Andrei presented an introduction to global trends, our new research model, and the opportunities for future collaborations with organisations, including tailored policy reviews, data collection, analysis, feedback, and intervention support.

Prof Sharon Parker and Dr Daniela Andrei

With conversations that touched on mature workers’ use of technology, creativity, work design, and age diversity, the workshop provided fascinating observations and insights into challenges that organisations are currently facing when supporting their mature workforce, as well as the positives that workforce diversity can bring.

There was a lot of interest from attendees about the research and the opportunities to collaborate with us.

Our next workshop will be held in Sydney in mid-2019.

More information

For more information about the workshops, or more information about establishing a research collaboration with CEPAR, contact:

Lucinda Iles

Research Associate, CEPAR

Curtin University



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