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Industrial Transformation Research Hub (ITRH) for Work Capabilities in the Digital Age

Attaining the Human Edge in Future Work

The Future of Work Institute has embarked on an exciting venture to establish a research Hub that will invite collaborators from across industry to engage in cutting-edge research to support individual and organisational thriving in the digital age, through identifying and fostering key worker capabilities

The ‘Hub’ will work with industry partners to deliver on two major research programs which encompass both ‘action research’ and longer-term strategic projects that:

  • Assess, measure, and develop individual mastery, innovation, and collaboration capabilities

  • Transform organisations to better leverage workers’ capabilities for digital success

Moreover, industry partners will have access to our ‘Future Capability Lab’ (FCL), which will be a key resource within the hub, and will be the first learning facility dedicated to understanding the human requirements of future work. The FCL will serve as an experimental and industry collaboration facility to implement the transformational research projects that will be delivered through the Hub.

Particularly, the FCL will explore and understand how to optimise human-computer work systems that involve remote teams, AI decision support systems, augmented tools, wearable applications, and a broad range of control room technologies.

The ‘Industrial Transformation Research Hub’ scheme is jointly funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), Curtin University and industry partners. The ARC will contribute up to $1 million per annum for three to five years.

Get in touch to find out how you can participate in the hub and how we can develop a research program to benefit your organisation.


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